Frequently asked questions

Everything you ever wanted to know about TennisBros is here. For the rest, do not hesitate to contact us.


For who? What for?

TennisBros aims at helping tennis players to find new partners and to organize games and matches. TennisBros is open to anybody, from the complete beginner to the advanced player. We only connect players with a similar level.

How it works?

When signing up, you enter your tennis level as well as your geographical location. Based on this information, we show you a list of players (called "nearby players") that might interest you.

TennisBros let you contact these players, see their profiles, arrange a match, etc.

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Is it free?


I don't know what my tennis level is.

A detailed description of levels significations is available here.

Why did you choose the NRTP system to describe our level?

Each country has its own level system for tennis players. We chose one to let all TennisBros members to be able to compare themselves.

In most of these systems, a user's level depends on wins and losses he had in certified tournaments during the previous season. The NTRP system on the other hand enables one to easily assess himself independently of tennis competitions participations. This is why we chose it.

Players nearby

How do you select potential tennis partners for me?

In your search preferences, you can set your playing area and the kind of player (gender and level) you wish to meet. Based on this information, we select players:

  • whose playing areas cross yours,
  • whose levels fit your preferences,
  • for whom you correspond to their own preferences.

No players have been found for me!

In this case we recommend you broaden your search preferences. If this is not enough, TennisBros may simply not be very popular in your location... yet! Check your notifications preferences to be sure you get notified when a new player fitting your preferences just joined TennisBros.


What is that?

When you want to play, you can contact other players individually through our mailing system. But you can also decide to "organize a game":

"Organizing a game" means you let all your nearby players know that you want to play at a place, date and time you decided. The first person who responds positively to your proposal will be your opponent.

"Organizing a game" is a quick and convenient way to be sure to play at a given date without having to contact each individual.

How to organize a game?

Just fill the form on this page to create a new game.

How to join a game?

First have a look to the games being organized by the players of your network. If you want to join one of them, just click the "Join the game" button.

Can I delete a game I'm organizing?

As long as no other player has joined the game, you can delete it.

Report a match

How to save a match?

When you just finished a match against an other TennisBros player, you can save its result on this page.

Once a match is saved, your opponent must confirm it before it is displayed on your profile. If your opponent does not confirm or cancel the match, it'll be automatically confirmed after 3 days.


What do you do with my data?

All the information on your public profile is available to all.
Your email address remains private. It is used for logging in and for sending you notifications. We do not share it with anybody.

To ensure safe use of TennisBros, all pages of the site are served via HTTPS (see the famous padlock in your browser's navigation bar).


I'm experiencing a bug on the website!

We do whatever we can to fix existing bugs. If you think you found one, please let us know!